Rare Bear
£135.00 - £155.00

Lost Wax Workshop 1-1

Would you like to learn the ancient art of Lost Wax Casting? Come along and experience the oldest process of jewellery making with me.

I am offering a one to one workshop, which you can make 2 pieces of wax, which will be then cast in your preferred metal. This playful craft is perfect for anyone with an eye for handmade jewellery and exploring a beautiful historic ritual.

We will start the workshop looking through inspirational content, then designing your ideas on paper.
From then I will show you the different waxes and the techniques and tools you can use to produce the gorgeous piece you desire.

I will send your pieces off to my trusted Hatton Gardens casters for your lost wax to be cast into your preferred metal (bronze/brass or silver). This can take up to 2 - 3 weeks but is absolutely worth the wait.
Once your pieces are cast and sent back to me, I will do the final stages of finishing and polishing.
We can map out the workshop that caters to what you wish from it, but most importantly; you having a couple pieces of your own hand made jewels.
The perfect gift to yourself and others.

My one to one workshops are held in my lovely little studio in Penryn. Old Grist Mill, a beautiful building which many artist use as workshops and studios.
My bookings can be more flexible in this space, so if my booking availability doesn't work for you and your schedule, send me a email and we can make other arrangements.

The session will run for approximately 2/3 hours, tea and cake will be provided.

Price includes tutorial, wax and wax tools, casting fee and servicing (finishing and polishing).

If you have any questions prior to booking the workshop please feel free to get in touch [email protected]

Booking is flexible, please specify what dates and time you would like.